Travel to Memphis

Cardui Sign, Woodbury TN, 1999

Cardui Sign, Woodbury TN, 1999

As you may remember, I was scheduled to travel to western Tennessee for a two-week photographic trip last May that was  supported in part by a Professional Development Grant from United Arts of Central Florida. Sidelined by illness, I was unable to go then, but I am making the trip this May, from the 17th through the 26th.  I will be blogging about my travels under the heading of the Memphis page. I will take a little break from the main page while on my trip. I hope that you will join me on the Memphis page.

Each day I will make an entry on the Memphis page from the road that includes photographs  on my Flickr site. (Link to the right) The blog will include stories, insights, and bits of the history and culture of the region. In addition to Memphis, I will be traveling to Dyees Arkansas, home town of Johnny Cash, to see this community that began by a Depression era government program. I will also spend time in the areas around Jackson Tennessee.

Right now I am do many things to get ready, including research, looking over maps and making a tentative itinerary of the areas that I want to explore.

I hope that you can join me on my travels! To see the blog on my travels go to the Memphis page beginning on the evening of May 17th.

The photograph above is from a trip to central Tennessee that I made in 1999.  The sign for Cardui must have been there for some time, as while it has helped women for 50 years, I doubt that it has been on the market for the past 70 years. Cardui was an exlixir for  women that I understand was mostly alchohol.




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6 responses to “Travel to Memphis

  1. itsmewilly

    To Memphis or bust ! Following you om my motorcycle. Vrrrroom.vrrroom!

  2. Barbara Tiffany

    Willy, can I ride in your side car? Rick, do have a wonderful time. I know you will. Looking forward to your posts.

  3. itsmewilly

    I like it when you leave little stories with your shots. Have a great trip ! I’m right behind you eating your dust !

  4. itsmewilly

    Rick, I had no idea you were such a splendid travel writer !! You studied up all these interesting facts about the areas you visit ! I learned a lot reading your Memphis journal. How interesting all these details and experiences you have talking to people and hearing these stories. You know how to travel !( I’m a fan of BB King. I bookmarked an Internet video of a rare 2-hr recording session of just him with Stevie Ray Vaughan of which I also am a BIG fan).And about that community Center in Dyess, that was built around when I was born and my back is also falling appart, only in my case it’s due to bursitis-arthritis. Haha, like you when my daughter was 4 and was asked if she slept well said “I don’t know, I was sleeping”‘ Hey, I can’t believe you just shot a pic. of that JJ’s place and a few hours later they were scraping off that wall to repaint ! By the way, maybe you wonder why on my profile pic here I wear a bike helmet. It’s because I’ve a Word Press account since I also follow a motorcycle blog called Ride 2 Aventure of a wife and husband who travel all over North and South America on their bikes. I traveled also on a motorcycle, but behind my husband, all over Europe. The pic was taken here in Orlando on a bike trip with a friend.
    Hope the rest of your trip will also be fruitful. I’ll find out when I read the rest of it in this blog. OK no more Silky ribs for you, my man, or maybe just a half portion ?………

    • First of all, thank you for your kind comments. I am having a good time, and doing the research for me is part of the fun. The more I know about the area and history of where I am traveling, the more I enjoy the photography. To me photography is all about story.

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