Rooster, near Oviedo, FL, 2013

Rooster, near Oviedo, FL, 2013

A few years back I bought a van, and when I went to sign the contract I had to wait for the salesman for a few moments. After a short time he comes up and says that he was sorry to keep me waiting, but he had to put out the balloons. I  asked him if he thought that the balloons ever really helped him sell a car. He leaned over and said softly so no one else could here, “It does not matter what I think, Mr. Dance (the owner of the dealership) thinks so.” Driving by this rooster made me think of how a business will put out anything in front of a business in hopes to attract customers. I do have to say that I enjoyed driving by this rooster more than those King Kong size blow up apes!

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” Mark Twain



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6 responses to “Rooster

  1. Marshall

    Love the blog. Photos and writing.

  2. Tom Matthews

    I don’t know how many times I have passed that Rooster and thought about how I would photograph it.

  3. Sandy Dienst

    One of my favorite Oviedo embellishments are it’s chickens- they are around the townhouse restaurant, Popeyes and this extra large one penned up at Lukas nursery! Glad this also caught my eye artistically- makes me feel like there may be some potential shots waiting somewhere out there for me. Thanks for sharing your insights and inspirations, they open doors to mine.

    • Sandy, Your reply is making me rethink what I wrote. The Rooster is not some kitchy effort to attract customers, but rather symbolic of something about the character of the community. It demonstrated how important it is to know and understand something of what you are photographing. Thank you for giving me more insight into one of my photographs.

      • Sandy Dienst

        Well- I’m not sure what you thought I meant … but I liked what you wrote then and now. I think both your perspectives are true and that’s what makes the photo intriguing. There seems to be a old time “kitchy” humor to attract customers, and in this way, also is effectively symbolic of something about the character of the community. – An effective combination -especially when historically relevant.

  4. Patricia Pope

    Since I live in Oviedo, I was happy you had picked the rooster to photograph….wish he was not behind the wire fence. Most Oviedo chickens do roam free.
    I am enjoying your trip so far…when I was younger, whenever we went for a car or bus drive..we loved the ‘Burma Shave’ signs..guess that dates me!
    Patricia Pope

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