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A Movable Feast

Railroad Crossing and Barn, Highway 17, FL 2013

Railroad Crossing and Barn, Highway 17, FL 2013

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Buddha

My personal approach to making photographs has always been to poke around the back roads of the South to first see what there was to see, and then to photograph. It has been this way since the late 1970s when I moved to North Carolina and fell in love with the landscape. In many ways, photography is an excuse to go out for a day of wandering. Even on those trips where I do not make many, if  any photographs, the fact that I am out in the world seeing things makes any time traveling  fulfilling.

Yesterday was pure joy, as a friend and I went out for a day of seeing what there was to see and to photograph. The air was cool and clean. The sun was bright and the light was good for making images. Rather than coming home tired, I came home refreshed.



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